We improve chronic patient care

What we do

Help patients live better lives

By making it easier to manage their chronic illness between doctor visits, we allow patients to increase their quality of life - one day at a time

Help clinicians deliver better care

By giving doctors insight into the lives of individual patients, we allow them to personalise care and reduce medical complications

Accelerate translational medicine

By giving researchers access to big data on patient cohorts, we allow them to reduce the time needed to translate academic insights into better patient-care

Solutions for chronic diseases


Long-term remote monitoring of bariatric surgery patients

  • Reduces post-surgical medical complications
  • Increases patient adherence to lifestyle adaptations
  • Coaches patients through a dedicated call-center

Mxs Santé

Medical coaching for (pre)diabetic patients

  • Helps patients lose weight and stay healthy longer
  • Coaches patients between doctor visits
  • Helps specialists deliver better care


Hôpital BICHAT


Our approach to better care

  • - We work with global leaders in metabolic disorders and nutrition
  • - We test and develop our solutions in clinical settings
  • - We validate our products through clinical trials